Lesson 10 - Animal Names

Ant				Alikws
Bat				Madagenilhas
Bear				Awasos
Beaver				Tmakwa
Bee				Wawil8mwa
Bird				Sips
Blue Jay			Tidesso
Bobcat - Lynx (no tail)		Bezo, wigwedi
Buffalo				Pziko
Bullfrog			Agebalam
Butterfly			Mamij8la
Cat				Minowis, pezois
Caribou				Mag8libo
Chickadee			Kejegigilhasis
Chicken				Ahamo
Chipmunk			Anikwses	
Cock				N8balha
Cougar (much tail)		Bitt8lo
Cow				Kaoz
Cricket				Ch8ls
Crow				Mkazas
Deer				Nolka
 Dog				Alemos, adia
Duck (Black)			Kwiguigum
Eagle				Mgeso, Megeso
Elk				W8boz
Fish				Namas
Fisher				Wlanigw
Fly				Wjawas
Fox				W8kwses
Frog				Chegual
Goat				Kots
Goose				W8btegua
Gull				Kaakw
Hawk (bird of prey)		Si8mo
Heron				Kasko
Horse				Ases, Ahaso
Humming Bird			Nanatasis, Nanataso
King-Fisher			Cheskwadadas
Lamb				Azibis
Loon				Mdawilha
Marten (sable)			Apanakes
Mink				Mosbas
Mole				Alem8nska
Moose				Moz
Mosquito			Pegues
Mouse				W8bikwsos
Muskrat				Moskuas
Nightingale			Wl8gowilhas
Nuthatch			Cig8l8dawasid
Otter				Wnegigw
Owl				Kokokhas
Partridge			Pakesso, Bakeso
Peacock				P8l8bai-sibes
Pig				Biges
Pigeon				W8bipelaz
Pigeon (wild)			Pelaz
Plover				Sasaso
Porcupine			K8gw
Rabbit				Mateguas
Racoon				Asban
Raven (northern crow)		Ponki-mkazas
Robin				Kwikueskas
Salmon				Mskuamagw
Seal				Akigw
Sheep				Azib
Skunk				Seg8gw
 Snake				Skog
Snake (garter-red racer)	Makwaaskadam8d
Squirrel			Mikowa
Spider				Mamselabika
Sturgeon			Kabas
Swallow				Soglonilhasis
Swan				Wigualha
Turkey				Nahama
Turtle				Tolba
Weasel				Saguasis
Whip-poor-will			Papoles
Wolf				M8lsem
Wolverine			Alaskana
Woodchuck			Agaskw
Woodpecker			O'basas
Worm				Skoks

The list is only a partial one, several of these creatures 
have other spellings for specific identification 
descriptions,such as male, female, young, adult, large, 
small, sub-type, or color.  
In some cases the letters may be interchanged 
as has been seen with examples for names starting with "P" 
and "B" or "D" and "T" or "W" and "O."   It should also be 
noted that most of our Abenaki words are descriptive 
of the animal.  
For example Beaver:  Demakwa - "the tree cutter" or 
Abag8lo - "flat tail" or Awadnakwazid - "the wood carrier."

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