Lesson 12 - Sound-A-Like Words & Numbers

Sound - A - Like Words  -

The following words are presented as an illustration 
of words with similar spellings, but with very different
sounds and meanings:
Chilao		Tsi-lao'		Mean, angry
Chijis		Tsi'-dzis		Baby, small
Pedgi		Ped-ge'			To return
Pegdi		Peg-de'			To fart
Majigo		Ma-dzi-go'		Bad
Mgeso		M-ge'-so		Eagle

By request, the following numbers are repeated 
from an earlier issue of the news:
Pazok		 	Pah-zohk'		One
Mis (Nis)		Mis (Nis)		Two
Nas			Nahs			Three
Iao			I-ah-oh'		Four
N8lan			No(n)-lahn'		Five
Ngwed8z			Ng-(oo)we-do(n)z'	Six
T8nbaw8z		To(n)-bah-wo(n)z'	Seven
Ns8zek			Nso(n)'-zek		Eight
Noliwi			No-li-we		Nine
Mdala			M-dah-lah		Ten

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

The Abenaki words for numbers are different for animate and inanimate
subjects.  These are the simple translations for the numbers
for counting:

One		Pazekw
Two		Nis
Three		Nas
Four		Iaw
Five		Nlan
Six		Nguedz
Seven		Tbawz
Eight		Nszek
Nine		Noliwi
Ten		Mdala

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