Lesson 2 - Meetings & Relations

Meetings -

Bodawazin 			- holding a council.
Bodawazenw8gan	 		- a council.
Wanask8wadin or Mahadin 	- group meeting.
Wodam8gan 			- Pipe Ceremony

All Our Relations - Relations - Al8gom8mek

The Abenaki language has a complex set of words 
that refer to family relationships.  
The following is a short list of some of 
the more often used words:
My father (formal)			N'mit8gwes
My father (personal)			N'dadan
Your father				K'mit8gwes
His/her father				Wmit8gwa
His/her father				Wdadana
 My mother (formal)			Nigawes
My mother (personal)			N'nonon
Your mother				Kigawes
His/her mother				Wigewessa
My grandfather				N'mahom
My grandmother				Nokemes
His/her grandmother			Okemessa
Their grandmother			Okemesw8n
My spouse				Nizwia
My spouse's father			N'zikh8s
My spouse's mother			N'zekwes
Our daughter's spouse			Wazilmegoa
Our son's spouse			N'sem
God father/mother (traditional)		Kalnegoa
Our little boy				W'skinnossis
Our little girl				N'8kswassis
Grandson				Nosses
My older brother			Nidokan
My younger brother / sister		Nichemis
My older sister				N'messis
My father's sister			Nokem
My mother's sister			Nokemisis
My father's brother			N'n8jikw
My mother's brother			N'zasis
My female cousin			Nad8gweskwa
My male cousin				Nad8gwsis
Baby					Chijiz (Tsi'dzis)
Young child				Aw8ssis
Widower					Sigwid
Widow					Sigweskwa
Father and son				Kchai ta wski 
Mother and daughter			Kchi phanem ta wdoza

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