Lesson 20 - Place Names

Abenaki History - Place Names -

The county north of the White Mountains in New Hampshire
is still called Coos County. The Coaticook River rises 
in Vermont, enters into the County of Compton, Quebec,
and runs northeast into the St. Francis River. 
The name Coaticook comes  from Koatekwok.  
"Koa" means "Pine", and the suffix "Tekw" means "River" 
therefore "Koatekwok " means "to the Pine River."

Koatekw - the pine river.

Koatekw'i - of the pine river.

Koatekwok - to / from the pine river.

The name of Cohaset, Massachusetts in Norfolk County comes 
from "Koasek" meaning to the small pine tree or 
				grove of pine trees.

Koas - the small pine tree.

Koas'i - of the small pine tree.

Koasek - to the small pine tree.