Lesson 8 - "to have" & "to be" & Verbs 2

To be			Aimek
To Have			Waj8nomek
I am well		N'olidbamalsi
To be well		Wlidbamalsimek
I am sick		N'madamalsi
To be sick		Madamalsimek
I am hungry		N'kadopi
To be hungry		Kadopimek
 I am thirsty		N'kadosmi
To drink		Kadosmimek
I am cold		N'kwaskwaji
To be cold		Kwaskwajimek
I am hot		N'kezabzi
To be hot		Kezabzimek
To bring (animate)	Pazw8mek
To bring (inanimate)	Padozik
To take care of something (animate).	Nanawalm8mek.
To take care of something (inanimate).	Nanawaldomzik.
To like or reside. 			Wigimek.
Would you like to meet that girl?
			Kwigi ba wanaskaw8 na n8kskwa?	
I met her last summer. 			Kizi n'wanaskaw8b.
I had met her quite a while ago. 	N8wat na n'anakaw8b.
Wait for me!				Askawii!
Listen to me.				Tbestawikw.
Sometimes you do not listen to me.	Sawi nda k'bestawiba.
Ask them if they would like to come in.	
		Nadodmawa chaga w'kadi pai8n spiwi niona.
Let's go and visit there.		N'n8dodaida taka.
Follow me.				N'nossokawikw.
Let's take a puff on the pipe.		Wikwalap8da wdam8gan.
Let's light it first.			Pla chegasa.  

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